The Energetic Cosmos:
     from Suzaku to Astro-H

Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan 29 June - 2 July 2009


Scope of this conference Since its launch on 2005 July 10, the cosmic X-ray satellite Suzaku has been operating successfully under a close Japan-US collaboration. Thanks to the unprecedented broad-band coverage provided by the XRT+XIS and the HXD, aided by their low backgrounds and good energy responses, a large number of scientific results are accumulating.

In the International Year of Astronomy 2009, it is our hope to harvest these results, and assemble them into novel research paradigms that innovate our view of The Energetic Cosmos.

These attempts will further strengthen the ASTRO-H (previously known as NeXT) project, Suzaku’s successor, which is making steady progress toward its launch around 2013. Our scope also includes NuStar and Simbol-X, and further extends to the truly global X-ray mission, IXO. At the same time, the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope is producing excellent initial results. The MAXI (Monitor of All-Sky X-ray Image) experiment, to be mounted onboard the ISS Japan Experimental Module, is also ready for launch this coming May.

Given these plentiful high-energy astrophysics results, we would like to organize the 3rd Suzaku conference, at the charming city of Otaru (Grand Park Otaru Hotel, ex- Otaru Hilton Hotel), located in Hokkaido which is the northernmost of the Japan’s four major islands. This conference follows the first one held at Kyoto/Japan in December 2006, and the second at San Diego/California in December 2007.

The conference will be organized so as to highlight unifying physical themes amoung the multitude of astrophysical sources and observations. Focusing mainly on the results obtained with Suzaku, the conference will also cover new results from related missions, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, Swift, Fermi, and others.


  • Particle acceleration in cosmic shocks and jets (SNRs, Blazars,GRBs,..)
  • X-ray diagnostics of cosmic hot plasmas (Galactic diffuse, SNRs, clusters,..)
  • High Energy Aspects of the Milky Way
  • Magnetic activity in stellar objects (pulsars/magentars, WDs, stellar flares,.. )
  • Primary and reprocessed emission from accreting objects (BHBs,LMXBs, ULXs, AGNs, ..)
  • X-ray views of the evolution of the universe (GRBs, AGNs, clusters, ..)
  • Highlights from the Fermi Space Gamma-Ray Telescope
  • Status of the MAXI experiment
  • From Suzaku to ASTRO-H and other missions, and further to IXO

International X-ray Observatory (IXO) Meeting

Immediately following the Suzaku conference 2009, an one-day meeting on the future mission, International X-ray Observatory (IXO) mission, will be held separately. The offical announcement of the IXO Meeting is available on this web page.